Partner Program

Companies are looking to implement employee monitoring to reduce the risk of insider threats. By partnering with SpectorSoft, you can provide your customers and prospects with industry-leading employee and event log monitoring solutions.

Partner Program Overview

The goal of the SpectorSoft Partner Program is to provide a clear and simple means of doing business with SpectorSoft while empowering our partners to achieve greater success and profit.

SpectorSoft will arm partners with sales and technical training and accreditation to empower greater, self-sufficient success.

Partner Tiers

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Partners are provided with practical sales, marketing & technical benefits and on-going sales cycle assistance once the application documents have been completed and approved.

SpectorSoft Gold Partner Badge

Gold Partner

Gold Partners are provided with enhanced sales, marketing, technical and transactional benefits; must maintain sales and product accreditation; plus maintain an annual sales revenue goal.

Benefit Partner Gold Partner
Sales Enablement
Sales Cycle Assistance
Product & Sales Resource Library
NFR Software Licenses
On-Demand Product
Assigned Sales Representative
Live Product Demonstration
Sales Training
Opportunity Registration
Product Certification
Spiff Program
Marketing Resources
Partner Portal Access
Find a Partner Website Listing
Partner Sales Webinar
SpectorSoft Partner Logo GOLD
Press Release Support
Co-Marketing Event Support
Email Marketing Support
Technical Support
Sales Engineer Technical
Phone & Email Technical Support
Technical Certification Training
Beta Test Access
Program Requirements
Approved Partner Application
Revenue Goal
Sales Certification
Technical Certification


Pricing Margin

SpectorSoft extends discount levels based on the commitment shown by Partners through certifications and accreditation leading to tier achievement.

Sales Assistance

SpectorSoft sales representatives will help facilitate any sales, technical or marketing assistance needed for sales opportunities, day-to-day queries, joint customer calls, webinars and product demonstrations. Gold Partners will have an assigned Sales Representative.

Not For Resale (NFR) Licenses

SpectorSoft will provide software at no charge to its partners for internal training and demonstration purposes. These licenses are valid for 12 months and renewed upon request.

Find A Partner Website Listing

Partners will be listed with their full contact information in a publicly-accessible ‘Find A Partner’ section on our website. Gold Partners will be prominently featured.

Partner Portal Access

All partners will have access to sales and marketing resources in the Partner Portal updated with the most current information.

Opportunity Registration GOLD

An opportunity registration schema has been introduced to protect and reward those partners that bring new-business opportunities to SpectorSoft. Partners will be given additional margin to provide price protection. SpectorSoft will only commit to the partner who sourced/discovered the opportunity. Opportunity registration is valid for 90 days once approved by SpectorSoft.

Accreditation GOLD

There are two forms of accreditation — Sales and Technical — required to achieve Gold Partner status. A Gold Partner must commit to have no less than two sales and one technically accredited staff members.

Beta Program Access GOLD

Gold Partners may participate in our beta testing program. We value our partners’ opinions and experiences and look to them for feedback and comments with our pre-release software.

Co-Marketing Event Support GOLD

SpectorSoft may support Gold Partners at events and shows as appropriate.

Still Have Questions?

Global Partner Support

Suzanne Parent, Partner Sales Manager
561 209 1275

EMEA Partner Support

Paul Down, VP, EMEA and APAC +44 (0) 1483 397744